Consultancy, Coaching & Facilitation

"Nothing is worth more than this day"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


A full consultancy process might be employed on the design of a social system (i.e a team, a company, a department, an event) or as preparation for a surgical intervention on an existing group dealing with problems in the realms of power, governance, decision making and conflict resolution.

We are experts at supporting decision makers. We identify, diagnose and design action paths and strategies in the social realm. Report stages allow us to assess the results of such interventions.

Our methodologies visualise and communicate issues before they can hinder the functioning of the organisation. The aim is to allow bottom up implementation of plans, dealing with imperfections on the fly, by nurturing and listening to the living system that is in charge of making the plans a reality.

Our work is suitable for corporations, startups, NGO's, educational and government alike.

What is Facilitation good for?

Presenting content and information

Designing and formulating a process that helps a group achieve its objectives

Providing an appropriate structure to a meeting, training or team building session, or another work event, so that the mission of the group is accomplished in the session

Promoting shared responsibility for the outcome of the meeting

Drawing forth from participants the answers to their questions, necessary decisions, and solutions to problems.


Our coaching services are an exception - we prefer working with groups - but we offer them on these 3 specific situations:

Personal one to one support for changemakers.

Executives who are seeking to spearhead organizational change.

Creatives who want to deepen their practices social impact and also need business development and motivational support.  

What is a Facilitator made of?

A Facilitator should aspire to be a renaissance man.

To grapple with poetry and spreadsheets, to paint but also work out, to roll in the grass and also consider the nature of the cosmos. To engage with passions and also investigate dislikes - inviting the shadow to dance without letting it take over.

The vocation of a development practitioner (a Facilitator, for short) demands at once extreme generosity but extreme self care. High doses of vulnerability supported by a commitment to resilience and above all: Keen, sharp, honed powers of observation.

One must be able to intuit and imagine but also manifest and act from a place of ownership and responsibility - to hold and communicate insights softly and contextually. It’s no simple task - but when human processes are supported in this manner it can be a complete game changer.  

When Rigor and Compassion are combined in precise amounts with a commitment to service, a facilitator is made.

Explore some Case Studies below:

Geo.X - Facilitation for Purpose

Can scientists have fun? Of course. Can they do that while reflecting in depth about their research and place in the world? We proved that YES.

Connection Session for Most Wanted Music

Graphic Recording on international guidelines on how to be LGBTQ friendly (and not only tolerant)

Founder Dialogues

Recording World Cafes is an interesting challenge - as insights fly from everywhere, recorders scramble in absolute concentration visualizing the intangible! We worked in Partnership with Visual Facilitators and Wiebke Koch! Thanks for the invite, guys!

Beyond Us for Transnational Dialogues

Capacity and team building around our expertise areas in different levels of intensity and duration. We make sure it’s fun, unforgettable and personal.

Culture of Permanence - Creating facilitation Artifacts

Capacity and team building around our expertise areas in different levels of intensity and duration. We make sure it’s fun, unforgettable and personal.

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