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Our Approach

Social Systems Design enables organizations to retain the best qualities of a start-up and the standout attributes of a large corporate. It applies collaboration to marry the ability to experiment and learn quickly, with the capacity to structure and coordinate at scale.  

And when it comes to growth and change, instead of imposing it on people, we bring them along for the journey, giving you the tools to navigate complexity and uncertainty.

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Our Social System Design approach bridges:


Human Centered Design


This intersection creates a deeper understanding of how to scale collaboration. The result? Truly innovative, high performing organisations – and engaged communities of people, both internally and externally.

What we can do for you:

what already happened:

Branding for freelancers

Impact hub Berlin

Insights on doing business as a human

facilitation for purpose


Can scientists have fun? Of course. Can they do that while reflecting in depth about their research and place in the world? We proved that YES.
View the geo.x case study

driven by purpose keynote

bmw impact safari

What would you say to 50 BMW executives if you had a chance to talk to them about Purpose? We had 20 min to give it a shot!
Listen to the keynote

guidelines for lgbtq friendly enterprises

prout @ work

Graphic Recording on international guidelines on how to be LGBTQ friendly (and not only tolerant)
check out the panels



Graphic Recording Workshops that also help you tell your / your company’s Impact Stories
See all our workshops

founder dialogues

undisclosed client

This sensitive consultancy process helps Founders identify and settle issues that would become the disputes that famously destroy companies before or after market fit
Read the case study

connection session

berlin most wanted music

What a joy to bring new energy to tired networking formats by bringing dialogue, dance, spice and everything nice to make new contacts unforgettable.
see the pictures

world cafe graphic recording

tedx berlin 2017

Recording World Cafes is an interesting challenge - as insights fly from everywhere, recorders scramble in absolute concentration visualizing the intangible!
see what we created

perfume concert

galerie kramers

Performance is a chance to deliver intense direct (and unexpected) experiences to your audience - this collaboration with the crossmodalist movement is a great example of what can be done!
come smell it

culture of permanence

arc art residency

2 artists team up to invent a facilitation tool that will help a small village in Switzerland navigate uncomfortable conversations and inspire it’s future.
see what we created
We love to tell stories in person

Living things don’t change, they transform.

After decades of combined experience in private, educational and civil society sectors, we’ve had experience with several different strategies and methodologies to support collective intelligence, decision making and action.

Although we’ll list them here - we have no specific favorites. Experience has shown us that is important to keep in mind one thing:

The method doesn't make the process - we work from the living system developing in front of us.

Our toolbox includes:

Process Consultancy
Design thinking
Systems thinking
Theory U
Goethean Phenomenology
Art of Hosting  

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Ways we can act together:

Consultancy, Coaching & Facilitation

Highly customized processes addressing issues on the individual, team or organisation levels to reach specific outcomes and possibly including diagnosis and report stages.

Workshops and Trainings

Capacity and team building around our expertise areas in different levels of intensity and duration. We make sure it’s fun, unforgettable and personal.

Graphic Facilitation

Special Day? Important decisions being made? We make sure that they’ll be turned into clear, readable inspiring (and shareable) visual panels or videos.

Keynotes and Performances

We’ve lived intense and passionate lives as creators, activists and entrepreneurs - and we have much to share.

Communications and Storytelling

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come - if you communicate it right, that is. We’ll help you produce it, design it and get the word out.

What do you need help with?


Felipe Duarte

Originally an artist and activist, Felipe's experience on the ground during the social upheavals of Brazil over the last decade have shifted his reflections towards society and organisations. His involvement in initiatives that spearheaded social innovation movements in Rio led him to found and run companies, foster communities, create art shows and other activities in several fields. Now based in Berlin, he facilitates and consults for business, civil society and educational organisations alike. His activities conspire to evolve how we relate to each other and with our personal narratives, hopefully leaving the world a little more creative than before.

Monika Wienbeck

Monika Wienbeck, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, nerd and creative communicator - alongside to my regular job in a corporate environment. Visual communication for me is an effective way to get people excited about technology, politics, and taking care of themselves. I believe that process and imagination are keys to empowering people. Keys to being a change maker. Keys to being happy in life. Process and imagination provide a sustainable way to be courageous, interrupt self censorship, and change our assumptions about the corporate and technology world.

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