Keynote Speaking & Performance

”People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

To inform and to Dazzle

We really, really believe in the power of stories, words, plays, performances and art to touch and move the hearts of people.

That’s why we care so much for presentation, rhythm and style in our Keynotes - we want to drive the content home through laughter, tears and awe.

Under this section you can also find examples of other types of “keynotes”: Experiences and performances that are just as effective at delivering content and catalyzing insight as your classic TED style 18 min speech - but absolutely unforgettable.

We love creating and performing both normal and unconventional styles as long as we get to see a shine in the eye, a growth in mindset and a bigger disposition for action!

Keynotes and Performances we've done before:

BMW Impact Safari: Driven by Purpose

By a beautiful invitation from Impact Hub Berlin, we performed a 25 minute keynote for 50 executives from different sectors of BMW motors

How to tell a Robot what Equality is

Recording World Cafes is an interesting challenge - as insights fly from everywhere, recorders scramble in absolute concentration visualizing the intangible! We worked in Partnership with Visual Facilitators and Wiebke Koch! Thanks for the invite, guys!

To Gather - Practical insights on achieving as a group

Systems thinking, Dialogue Theories and Network Dynamics to gain insight into the nature Cooperation and Collaboration - Or simple words - how to achieve as a group?

Crossmodalist Perfume Concert

Crossmodalists are multipotentialists dedicated to connecting senses and practices accross their traditional silos. We are a part of this movement.

Ritual, Poetry and Ceremony

Capacity and team building around our expertise areas in different levels of intensity and duration. We make sure it’s fun, unforgettable and personal.

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