"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either."

Marshall McLuhan

Learn by doing.

Achivement is only possible through action.

That’s why we design our workshops by combining input with experiential education and personal development practices.

We aim to go beyond delivering content - we facilitate the condensation of knowledge into wisdom through experiences.
We've learned that when it come to learning context is key.

Costumise with us.

All our workshops can be adapted to your needs, stringed and formed into custom learning journeys for you, your team and organisation.

Be with us weekly:

We also hold Visual Quest - a continuous learning path that uses painting as a tool for personal development. Come hone your observation powers, creative decision making, resilience and purpose. Questing keeps you sharp.

We meet every Tuesday and Wednesdays, 19:30-22:00

Everybody get's a class for free, no questions asked - a great excuse for us to hangout with some wine.

Find pics and example slides of all our workshops below: 

To Gather - Practical insights on achieving as a group

Systems thinking, Dialogue Theories and Network Dynamics to gain insight into the nature Cooperation and Collaboration - Or simple words - how to achieve as a group?

Branding for Freelancers - Doing business as a human

What makes a powerful brand and how to apply that to our personal work and creativity without giving up being a Person?


The Role of narratives in leadership, art, business and our personal lives. a large wealth of references, explanations on narrative practice and structure with interactive exercises, including Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey"

Graphic Recording

3 workshops with different curricula and levels of intensity exploring how to turn any information into engaging visual panels.

Visual Quest

Your capacity to act in the world is highly dependent on your powers of observation. We built a bootcamp for it - and also, you learn how to paint!


What is behind the entrepreneurs desire for realization? What is the driving force that enables intense concentration, focus and drive? In this workshop we try to turn it ON.

Courage and Curiosity

Courage and Curiosity is a workshop designed to explore the foundations of the creative act. It will help any individual develop creative routines, no matter your profession!

Spellcasting for Beginners

A very particular workshop designed to help individuals create a clear picture of what they want - and yes, it involves casting a spell!

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